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Parikia is the capital and main port of the island, built on the site of the ancient capital. It is considered the cultural centre of Paros, distinguished for its Cycladic architecture.

All around Parikia you will find charming whitewashed houses with blue doors and windows, narrow cobbled paths and little shops. There is also a wide variety of modern entertainment venues, nightclubs and bars, and dining options. Alternatively you can swim in the clear blue waters of Parikia’s sandy beach called “Livadia”.

The most important sightseeing in Parikia is the famous Church of Ekatontapyliani, built in the 6th century AD, which now hosts the Byzantine ecclesiastic museum. The Archeological Museum and the Castle of Parikia are also of a special interest.


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Naoussa, this traditional fishing village with the largest fleet in the Cyclades is located on the northern coast of Paros.


Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani is the most important religious monument and one of the most important early Christian monuments of Greece.

Piso Livadi

Just 4 km from Marpissa is this port with ferry links taverns Paros with other islands only during the summer months.

Frankish Castle

Sterling is a Frankish Castle, the only hill overlooking the sea, namely the citadel built by the Franks.